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HP48 Machine Language - A Journey to the Center of the HP48 s/sx

dimanche 25 juin 2006, par Paul Courbis

With Sébastien Lalande and Grapevine’s authorization, we are proud to offer here the book « HP48 Machine Language », downlodable as PDF files
(You’ll need Acrobat Reader to read or print the book)...

The book is divided into 6 files, the Table of Contents beeing in the first one, the index in the last one :

Partie 1 (3.1 Mo)
Partie 2 (3.0 Mo)
Partie 3 (1.8 Mo)
Partie 4 (3.0 Mo)
Partie 5 (5.6 Mo)
Partie 6 (3.7 Mo)

We advise you to save the files on your local hard disk before opening them with Acrobat Reader.

Modifying, adapting or reusing any part of this book, mirroring or redistributing these files by any way (floppy, cdrom, paper...) is strictly prohibited without explicit authorization from the

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