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HP48 Machine Language - A Journey to the Center of the HP48 s/sx - Read the book online

mardi 12 juin 2007, par Paul Courbis

If you don’t want to download the book, you can read it online here...

A paper version of this book is avalable via Amazon !

hp48ml - page 013 - Courbis, acteur de l'Internet depuis 1988
Section prcdente : Introduction Page prcdente Sommaire Page suivante Section suivante : First Approach to the HP48


(c) Courbis   1 3h ttp:  //ww  w.c  our  bis.  com  PD Ff iles  av aila  ble on  htt p:// ww  w.c  our bis .co m-  Re  dis trib  utio  no  rm irro rin gs  tric  tly pro hib  ited  .  YouhaveinyourhandsoneofthebestcalculatorsonthemarketU*ifnot indeedthebest.Comparedtoothercalculators,itismuchmorecomplex infunctionality,yetmuchsimplertouse,andcapableofsolvingproblems ofgreatcomplexity.  Consideringitsvastassortmentofinternalfunctionsandtheirpower,the HP48systemhadtobepowerfulandyetusablebyeveryone,whethera skilledmathematician,anexcellentprogrammer,aphysicist,astatistician, orevensomeonewhohasnothingtodowiththeseareasatall.  Sincethecapabilitiesofthismachinearemuchdifferentthanthoseofa regularcalculator,itoftenappearsatfirsttobeverycomplicated,when actuallyitisthesimplestsystemthereis.Itisjustaquestionofhabit,and inafewdays(withalittlepractice)youwillmastertheHP48.  ThechaptersofPartOnecoverageneralvisionofthestandarduseofthe machine:afewtrickstolearn,howtomakesimpleprograms,howtostay organized,etc.ThegoalofPartOneisnottoreplacetheHewlett-Packard instructionmanuals,butrathertoshowyouthecapabilitiesofyour machineinawaythatwillmakeiteasiertousethosemanuals.  TheHewlett-PackardmanualsshowmanythingsthattheHP48cando. Withmachinelanguage,however,itispossibletoaccessnewresources andcreateprogramsthataremuchfaster.ThatiswhatPartTwoteaches you:Withelegantexamplesaccessibletoprogrammersofalllevels,it showsyouwhatprogramminginmachinelanguageislike,anditalso describestheinternalstructureoftheHP48.Soevenifyouknownothing atallaboutmachinelanguageorassemblylanguage,hereisagood chancetolearn!  Beforewegettothat,however,itisagoodideatoknowthenormaluses ofyourmachine.Toaidyouinyourlearning,thereareprogramexamples, rangingfromelementarytoverycomplex,foundinPartThree(Libraryof Programs).Byusingtheseprogramsormodifyingthemasyouwish,you willsoonbeabletowritesophisticatedprograms.  Introduction PM65-001.p65 11/07/2001,08:1513
Section prcdente : Introduction Page prcdente Sommaire Page suivante Section suivante : First Approach to the HP48
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