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HP48 Machine Language - A Journey to the Center of the HP48 s/sx - Read the book online

mardi 12 juin 2007, par Paul Courbis

If you don’t want to download the book, you can read it online here...

A paper version of this book is avalable via Amazon !

hp48ml - page 144 - Courbis, acteur de l'Internet depuis 1988
Section prcdente : HP48 Objects Page prcdente Sommaire Page suivante Section suivante : General Memory Organization

HP48 Objects

(c) Courbis   144 PARTTWO:M ACHINELANGUAGEh  ttp:  //ww  w.c  our  bis.  com  PD Ff iles  av aila  ble on htt p:// ww  w.c our bis .co m-  Re dis trib  utio  no rm irro rin gs tric  tly pro hib ited  .  Object).Nextare4offsetsU*tothehashtable,messagetable,linktable andconfigurationobject(executedaftereachsystemhalt).ANULLfield meansthatatableortheobjectdoesnotexist.Aftertheoffsetscomethe 3tables,inanyorder,iftheyexist.AfterthetablescomethelibraryS^svisible objects,eachprecededbyitscommandnumber(3nibblesbefore),its librarynumber(6nibblesbefore),andaflagcodedineither1or3nibbles:  ' Ifitisalibraryofcommands(librarynumberd-#700h),theflagwill  beonly1nibble.Itssignificanceisnotclear,butthevalue9h(1001b) seemsbest.Thecommanditselfiscomposedof2objects:first,the objectusedwhenthecommandisexecuted;second,theobject usedduringthecodingphaseofthecommandline.  ' Ifitisalibraryoffunctions(librarynumber-#6FFh),then ifbit3of  thenibbleat@on-7his0,thefunctioncanbeincludedinanalgebraic object,andtheflagis3nibbleslong.Thebitsmeanthefollowing:  Nibbleat@on-8h: bit0Unknown12(12) bit1Unknown11(11)  bit2  INT(10) bit3RULES(9)  Nibbleat@on-9h: bit0Unknown8(8) bit1Unknown7(7)  bit2ISOL(6) bit3DER(5)  Nibbleat@on-7h: bit0ALG(4) bit1Unknown3(3)  bit2EQWR(2) bit30(alg.obj.OK)  Eachbitsignifiesthepresenceorabsenceofaspecialprogramfor thefunction(ISOLtoinvert,DERforderivative,INTforintegration, RULEStoaddfunctionsinasub-menu,ALGforalgebraics;EQWR fortheEquationWriter).Thefunctionitselfisaseriesofobjects,led bytheprogramforthefunction.Theothersaresupplementalfunc- tionsintheorderofthenumbersinparentheses.Forexample,ifthe flagvalueis#C81h,therewillbeaprincipalprogram,PRG,plus ALG,DER,RULESandINT,inthatorder.Thecode:!C81?! Lib number?!Xlibnumber?!PRG?!ALG?!DER?!RULES?!INT?  Ifbit3ofthenibbleat@on-7his1,thenitisacommand(justlikethose inlibrarieswithnumbers?#700h).Theflagiscodedin3bits.The otherbitsaredifferentthanfortheregularlibrarycommands(bit1 seemstoindicatethatthecommandalsoexistsinfunctionform). Thelibrarychecksumiscalculatedforthezonefrom@+5hto @+lt+1haccordingtotheformuladescribedwiththebackup object.  PM65-003.p65 11/07/2001,08:41144
Section prcdente : HP48 Objects Page prcdente Sommaire Page suivante Section suivante : General Memory Organization
© Courbis 1988-2010
Tous droits réservés
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